As a indigenous New Yorker, I can notify you that New Yorkers give every little thing we’re uncovered to a bit of a aspect-eye in advance of we belief it. That plan surely applies to my romance with aerial yoga. For me, anyone who’s practiced other linages of yoga for in excess of 10 a long time, I constantly saw aerial yoga as something that just wasn’t meant for me.

I, a 300-lb Woman, Tried Aerial Yoga - This Is What Went Down (Spoiler: Not Me!)

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I, a 300-lb Female, Attempted Aerial Yoga – This Is What Went Down (Spoiler: Not Me!)

I weigh much more than 300 pounds, so viewing a lightweight piece of material dangling from the ceiling does not seem protected to me in any way. Even immediately after many years of googling, I’ve uncovered that most aerial yoga studios list their bodyweight potential as 250 lbs. The excess weight capability issue along with my own panic of heights led me to consider that I’d usually enjoy other folks acquire flight. That is, right up until I saw that Electrical power Furthermore Wellness was web hosting a curvy aerial yoga course. Structured by Jessie Diaz and Madeline Jones (whom I have labored with in the previous), Electric power Furthermore Wellness is a group of curvy folks who assist a person a further in health and fitness spaces by attending exercise classes as a team.

Continue to keep reading to uncover out how my 6’2″, 300+-pound self obtained flipped turned upside down!

Aerial Yoga Class Knowledge: Warmup and Sequence

On a toasty Sunday afternoon, I ventured to Om Factory in New York to consider aerial yoga with Power Moreover Wellness. Personally, I felt a lot more trusting hoping out a little something I experienced been concerned of for so lengthy with other curvy folks. We commenced course by finding out how to maintain on to the hammock.

Our instructor, Kristin, pointed out that our hands may well sense a bit odd from gripping it for the first time, and mine undoubtedly did. My suitable hand, aka my cellphone-holding hand, felt a tiny stiff. I experienced to open and close my arms a few moments till the grip felt additional at ease.

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At the time we obtained a grip, we moved on to a collection of stretches on the mat applying the hammock’s floating strap to aid us extend. The first stretches had us in a seat on the mat although we made use of the hammock to stretch our higher bodies. Then it was time to extend our lower halves, demanding us to believe in slide into the hammock so it could maintain our torsos. Alright, we failed to tumble, but it was a incredibly steep lean again into the hammock. Quite a few of us were being hesitant to lean back again. Kristin seen this collective hesitation and exclaimed, “These hold up to 2,000 lbs, by the way!” The sigh of relief all of us took echoed via the studio. 1 by 1, we safely and securely and properly leaned into the hammock.

The to start with portion of movements had us develop a feeling of have faith in with the hammock. Leaning into the hammock, we were in a deep squat with our legs a mat’s-width aside going close to the world noticing how we could shift in a circle and have the hammock assist us glide. Following, we introduced our legs jointly in a supported chair posture, lifting a single leg, then the other. Just as I was feeling a lot more comfy, it was time to stand up and get started placing our legs in the hammock for hamstring stretches. The most nerve-racking component of this area was lifting our back heel off the mat whilst our front leg was draped more than the loop of the hammock, form of like a floating lunge. We held on to the sides of the hammock and shifted forward. It was at this point that I trustworthy the hammock but was second-guessing my inner-thigh power, so I failed to go too much forward because I needed to be ready to stand back up afterward. All stretched out and snug with the hammock, it was time to fly.

Aerial Yoga Course Expertise: Using Flight

Our initial of two “methods” involved flipping upside down into Reclining Angle pose. I just about chickened out, but fortunately I understood that I was surrounded by other inexperienced persons and outfitted with a powerful instructor who could support just about every of us. Immediately after waving Kristin around, it was time to flip. Astonishingly, what I at the time believed was a smooth mild piece of fabric turned into a durable strap as I held the hammock taut at my very low back. I put my have faith in in Kristin and the hammock, leaned again, and did not slide.

Floating earlier mentioned the mat in Reclining Angle pose, I felt this aid from the pressures of gravity on my knees and small back. It practically felt like I was a child on a swing. After it was time to come up, I went from playful to experience like I was performing the most important crunch of my daily life to get myself proper facet up for Savasana. Savasana in a cocoon felt awesome.

Even with the weightless emotion of carefully swaying in the hammock, I couldn’t fully loosen up. I retained peeking up at the finishes of the hammock that had been hooked up to the ceiling just to make confident nothing at all was coming free. I was nervous that if I reliable it way too a lot, it would crack and I would crash into the floor. It’s possible if I experienced taken my anxiety medication, I could’ve fallen asleep from how comforting the swaying felt.

Views Getting Done Aerial Yoga

All in all, turns out the hammock that I considered was a flimsy apparatus was in fact a thing I could uncover a bit of convenience in. With the emotional journey that hour-extensive aerial yoga class was, will I do it once again? Sure! I’m basically fired up to sway in a hammock yet again. Time to guide yet another course.

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