TikTok may perhaps seem like a font of wonderful skin care tips and inspiration, but health-related experts do not constantly consider so.

“I feel it is vital to generally be cautious about what is stated on TikTok and always speak with a qualified or a board-accredited dermatologist when it will come to your personal own skin program to ensure what you are employing is great for your skin,” New York City board-accredited skin doctor Dr. Marisa Garshick advised HuffPost. “It is crucial to recall that just for the reason that you see it on TikTok, does not indicate it is automatically risk-free and does not suggest it is automatically fantastic for you.”

This is especially real of acne breakouts solutions. HuffPost asked Garshick and other dermatologists to share the pimples hacks and fads they’ve observed on TikTok but do not advocate attempting.

From skin icing to the “potato hack,” below are seven zits procedure traits you’re improved off averting.

1. Toothpaste as a spot therapy

“The concept of putting toothpaste on acne as a location cure has been all over for a extended time, dependent on the antibacterial houses similar to an ingredient earlier used in toothpastes called triclosan and the drying houses connected to baking soda and hydrogen peroxide,” Garshick reported. “But it is significant to recall that this can direct to discomfort and dryness of the skin, in particular when applied all around, as some on TikTok are performing.”

Most commercially offered toothpastes no lengthier consist of triclosan, and even if they did, dermatologists nonetheless issue to the opportunity for discomfort and even chemical burns.

“We have plenty of terrific acne breakouts-combating components such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids and more, that we don’t will need to depend on toothpaste for our acne breakouts anymore, no subject how effortless it may well be,” Garshick mentioned.

2. The ‘potato hack’

Another TikTok trick that went viral is the “potato hack,” in which people place items of raw potato more than their pimples to make them go absent.

“Some justify this [by saying] potato can have little quantities of salicylic acid, but this raw potato software stunt to serious pimples is just foolish and ineffective,” stated Dr. Melanie D. Palm, a board-licensed dermatologist and healthcare director at the Art of Skin MD in Southern California.

“Why would an individual use a uncooked vegetable to the face when productive acne solutions exist in excess of the counter (retinoids, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid) that have tested efficiency AND protection authorized by the Foods and Drug Administration?” she questioned.

She included that potato allergies are scarce but exist and can guide to intense indications, as can cross-reactive allergic reactions to potato thanks to other regarded allergens like latex and birch pollen.

3. Skin icing

“Using ice on pimples and to de-puff your deal with is not hazardous as lengthy as it’s done thoroughly,” said Dr. Annie Gonzalez, a board-licensed dermatologist in Miami. “Very generally, pimples or cysts are inflamed. Ice provides down swelling.”

Wrap a washcloth around that ice cube before you apply it to your skin.

Wrap a washcloth close to that ice cube just before you apply it to your pores and skin.

Nevertheless, she cautioned towards implementing an ice cube to your bare skin. Instead, wrap it in a washcloth and go more than the place in a light, continuous motion. Do not rub. And abide by that stage with a doctor-advised zits therapy like salicylic acid, she added.

Dr. Sheila Farhang, a board-qualified skin doctor centered in Arizona, echoed Gonzalez’s tips not to utilize ice instantly to your face.

“Direct ice can injury the pores and skin ― feel microscopic frostbite,” she stated. “For puffiness, I suggest putting a moisturizer in a skin fridge, so it is cool but not as well chilly, as this can adjust the formulation. Rollers built of rose quartz or jade are inherently cooling stones so this is also a wonderful alternate.”

Farhang also warned towards skin icing as a treatment method for melasma.

“I actually cringe when I see persons recommending icing their skin to assistance with their melasma ― this can basically worsen it, offered that when it comes to melasma, just about anything that brings about redness or discomfort will transform brown,” she stated. “SPF is way additional significant!”

4. Covering your encounter with Band-Aids

A further well known zits remedy craze on TikTok is covering your experience with Band-Aids.

“This is actually a Band-Support correct!” Palm explained. “It is ineffective and simply occludes an inflammatory acne lesion from the bordering natural environment. This would be effective for an personal that picks each one acne lesion, but this Band-Support hack in no way is therapeutic in bettering energetic acne.”

She added that the skin normally tolerates hydrogel bandages relatively very well, but there is even now a probable for allergic reactions. And if the Band-Aids are still left on far too very long devoid of cleansing, secondary skin infections could produce.

5. Consuming chlorophyll h2o

Consuming liquid chlorophyll to crystal clear up pimples grew to become preferred in the world of pores and skin care Twitter before this yr, but dermatologists are hesitant to recommend it given the lack of scientific investigation on its efficiency in managing pimples.

“Chlorophyll is protected for human usage, but the gains are not verified. It is most likely a better plan to get chlorophyll from having environmentally friendly vegetables,” mentioned New York City skin doctor Dr. Hadley King. “There are some trials that have proven that topical chlorophyll can enable lower zits since of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. But we never nevertheless have data about oral chlorophyll’s consequences on pimples.”

So even though you may well uncover some added benefits from consuming chlorophyll, you may perhaps working experience even additional from ingesting a balanced food plan higher in vegetables, which has other beneficial effects on the overall body as a whole. And don’t count on it to very clear your extreme cystic zits.

6. Applying lemon juice to decrease scarring

Utilizing lemon juice to lighten or get rid of zits scars may perhaps appear like an innocuous trick, but dermatologists beg to differ.

“As we are all splendidly different, a pores and skin care regimen or treatment method that is wonderful for just one man or woman may not be the very best solution or could even be dangerous to a person else,” claimed Dr. James Ralston, a dermatologist based mostly in Texas. “For example, lemon juice is very acidic and when used to the skin can result in irritation, primarily for those people with sensitive pores and skin. It can also induce discoloration, especially for individuals with darker skin kinds.”

Just due to the fact some thing looks “all natural” or looks like a swift take care of on TikTok doesn’t imply it’s a good idea to use on your skin.

“Applying a strong citrus acid to your encounter, these kinds of as lemon or lime juice, can produce a phototoxic response when you go in the sunshine main to blistering, burns and hyperpigmentation,” stated Dr. Brian Hibler of Schweiger Dermatology Team in New York Metropolis.

7. Spraying salt h2o

Spraying your deal with with salt h2o to deal with acne breakouts is generally harmless, but there is no true knowledge to aid its effectiveness, famous King.

“The salt could assist to dry up pimples, and there could be a delicate anti-inflammatory impact. But we have considerably greater, science-backed choices!” she described.

“Some of the TikTok individuals declare that sea water balances skin pH and kills microorganisms, but these promises aren’t genuinely accurate,” King ongoing. “Acne-prone pores and skin has an alkaline pH and sea drinking water also has an alkaline pH, about 8. You’d want to use an acidic pH like salicylic acid or glycolic acid to be practical. And even though sea salt water does have antimicrobial properties, they’re not actually potent sufficient to squash pimples.”

She also noted that striving this hack could lead a particular person to put off looking at a board-qualified skin doctor to start a far more science-backed remedy ― a delay that could end result in much more zits, discoloration and scarring.