Arkansas Biggest Loser contestant discusses life-saving changes

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Central Arkansas woman competed on NBC’s The Biggest Loser more than decade ago, she shares her story in hopes of inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle in 2023. 

Becky Comet said she always struggled with her weight, and change needed to be made. 

During her season, season 12, of The Biggest Loser she lost more than 80 pounds. 

Comet did a lot of exercising and picked healthier foods to eat. 

However, Comet says not every exercise is for everyone, and not every diet is for everyone. 

“I think anybody can lose weight on any diet – but I don’t think every diet with make everybody lose weight – I don’t think there’s a one size fits all, you have to find out what works best for you” Comet said. 

She told us to listen to our bodies – if we can only walk for five minutes, do just that and build up. 

“The best exercise is the one you’ll do because if it’s not something you can do, that you enjoy doing, and that you will do over the long haul – it’s pointless” she said. 

Her health and fitness journey, not only giving her the body image, she’s wanted and a healthier way of living – may have also saved her life. 

 “I really honestly don’t think I would’ve found it if I hadn’t lost the weight — it was small when I found it, fortunately it was small, very early in the game as far as cancers concerned but I did feel it,” Comet said.

Comet tells us she felt a lump in her breast in the shower, one that she says she wouldn’t have found with the weight on her. 

Comet was able to get to the doctor early, have a double mastectomy, and is now cancer free. 

With the New Year approaching and many people coming up with New Year’s Resolutions – remember your health should remain a top priority, and your life could possibly be saved from it.

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