Healthy Life Centers provide opportunity to learn, connect

The Healthy Life Centers aim to inspire, motivate and encourage healthier lifestyles, and a calendar full of educational programs, events and services helps the education and navigation teams in the Centers do just that. Even over the past couple of years, when the teams had to pivot to virtual classes, they still found ways to keep the program offerings plentiful and engaging. Starting in January, there will be more in-person classes (without restrictions on class sizes) and additional locations, including Babcock Ranch and Cypress Cove.

I encourage anyone looking to make health and wellness a priority in the new year to check out the Healthy Life Center programs at

There are several “Lunch & Learn” events planned for January, which allow you to spend a lunch hour learning about a specific topic from an expert while enjoying a complimentary, healthy lunch. The “Lunch & Learn” events planned for January include:

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