I’m a health reporter. Here are 3 healthy habits I learned this year

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“What do you do for work?” my Uber driver asked me recently.

“I’m a health and wellness reporter,” I responded

“So, you’re a vegetarian, aren’t you?” he asked.

No I’m not, but he wasn’t entirely wrong. I’m a pescatarian now, but I was a vegetarian for years before deciding to eat seafood on occasion.

Though I made the decision to cut meat from my diet way back in 2017 before reporting on health and wellness, his assumption raised a really interesting question. Just how many life changes have I made as a result of my health reporting?

I spent some time thinking about it all and discovered that there are in fact three things that I do differently now, compared to six months ago when I first started reporting on health here at CNBC Make It.

1. I air-dry my toothbrush

2. I take new precautions when decorating for the holidays

3. I shower with the fan on to stave off mold

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