#Live Whole Health #152: Intention setting

As we begin another year, it can be helpful to think about goals we may have, where we would like to spend our time and energy, and even what we might want to stop doing.

Have you ever set New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps lose/gain/maintain weight, go the gym, get more sleep, or find more time for self-care. Did you stick to those resolutions throughout the year?

Have you ever tried setting intentions instead of, or in addition to, your resolutions? Intentions come from the heart, help your heart and mind come into alignment, and can help reconnect us to our mission, aspiration, and purpose (MAP).

Resolutions tend to be specific and measurable, while intentions are more qualitative and compassionate. While different from a specific goal or resolution, intentions can help us realize our goals. For example, you may consider setting an intention to live a healthier lifestyle versus a resolution to go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

While living a healthier lifestyle may include getting in some gym time or workouts, it may also include weeks where you are unable to make it out for a workout all three days. Perhaps you focus on getting quality sleep, eating healthy meals, increasing the amount of water you drink, and decreasing your screen time.

Before setting your intentions for the year, take a few minutes to answer two questions, either by writing them down or just thinking about them in your mind. There is no right or wrong answers for these questions and the answers to both may be similar:

  • What really matters to you in your life?
  • What brings you a sense of joy and happiness?

When you are ready, setting your paper aside if you were writing down your answers, join me in this short 5-minute meditation practice to help you set your intentions for 2023.


If you are interested in trying out more meditations and other self-care practices, visit the #LiveWholeHealth archives on VA News: #LiveWholeHealth – VA News.

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