This 100-Yr-Old Man Followed Same Routine For 40 Yrs, Leads Healthy Life

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Elderly people mostly get disconnected from the outer world as their lives start slowing down because of less physical activity. The slowing down of life is out of necessity rather than choice. However, some aged people are often seen walking in the park, but it’s unusual to see a 100-year-old man weightlifting and doing cardio in a gym.

Les Savino, who is from Hanover, Pennsylvania, turned 100 this August. He has been working out at the YMCA, Hanover area, since 1983, always arriving at 7:30 am to the gym and finishing the daily exercises by 10:30 am. For the last 40 years, he has dedicated almost 3 hours daily to exercise.

Secret To Live A Healthy Life

While mentioning the secret to living a healthy lifestyle, Les highlighted that a strict diet plan and mindful eating are crucial for every individual. He eats a lot of green vegetables and seafood instead of consuming market junk foods. He also highlighted that people shouldn’t depend entirely on medicines; rather, they should exercise regularly to solve their ailments naturally.

He said, “I don’t feel like going now that I’m 100, but I still go. I know that it’s necessary if I want to enjoy life. Most people at 100 no longer enjoy life. My days are just as normal as when I was 30. Exercise is much better than medicine. A lot of people live on pills, but I don’t. I take pills for high blood pressure, and that’s the extent of it,” reported Times Now.

Exercising Daily With Discipline

Les has made a straightforward routine for his daily exercise. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he goes to the gym and warms up a bit to lift weights. On Tuesday and Thursday, he carries out cardio exercises. He takes off from the gym on Sunday as one day a week is required to calm the body’s muscles.

A disciplined life makes him feel more healthy and flexible. He admits that daily exercise keeps him motivated for life, even at 100, when most people get bedridden or physically incapable of walking and exercising. Les has been a motivation for a lot of people who want to make a change in their lives by doing exercise and eating healthy.

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