Watch: She Was Doing Yoga - Until An Iguana Chomped Down On Her Finger

A viral video shows an iguana biting a woman.

Imagine practicing yoga at a sunny beach and being bitten by an iguana! Not so delightful, right? A similar thing happened to a Twitter user who goes by the name ‘bahamahoopyogi’. In a video that has gone viral, she was seen performing a back arch at a beach while stretching her left hand out in the air. It’s was sunny day and she seemed ready to sweat it out, but a passing iguana probably felt her hand looked like a tasty snack. It hopped towards her and gave her finger a quick nibble.

Before she could realise what had happened, the iguana had quickly hopped away. The yoga instructor then snaps out of her shocked state. She even throws some sand at the iguana. In the caption, she mentions that after the bite, her finger was “bleeding”. The video has received over 197k likes and 35.5k retweets.

You can watch the video here. (Disclaimer: Viewer discretion advised. Video contains language that is not suitable for children.) 

The video has gone viral on social media with over 3.6 million views. When several users asked why didn’t she see the iguana walk towards her, she said that “there were iguanas all over the beach. People go there to feed them all the time”.

The thread showed another video taken from a different angle. In this one, we see her surrounded by many iguanas at the beach. Some are slumped, others are walking past. But this particular iguana patiently sits and listens to her angry outburst.

The iguana’s amusing reaction to her rant caught much attention. One user felt it was amusing the way the iguana stayed right there “to watch you get mad”.

Some users felt it was funny that she threw a handful of sand at the iguana in anger. “Throwing the sand at him got me and he did not care,” wrote one user.

Another found her reaction quite relatable and wrote and said, “I would’ve done the same”.

Though the video amused one and all, it also evoked concern from a few users. One of them felt that the girl should “get that checked” because animals have “all kinds of crazy bacteria”.

Yet another user replied to the post, “Hope you disinfect and look after the wound.”

One user also posted a photo of iguana’s teeth to prove that its bite can be dangerous.

Iguana bites aren’t known to be poisonous but they can cause a lot of injuries. We hope this yoga instructor heals very soon.

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