Wellness – Spirituality: The unsung hero of health | Community

What brings you joy and fulfillment? Is it your family, job, faith, or a volunteer activity? Or maybe it is a hobby like music, art, woodworking, gardening, yoga, or hiking. It might surprise us to know that what gives our life meaning can also help us live longer. When we do tasks and activities that tap into our unique gifts, it brings us a deep sense of joy and satisfaction, but we rarely stop to think about where that comes from. What exactly are we tapping into that brings about these feelings?

When we get lost in an activity, when we are overcome with emotion looking at a baby or feel a sense of awe and wonder looking up at a starry night sky, we may realize there is something beyond ourselves and our own experiences. Practicing intentional awareness of these sensations and how they give us a deeper sense of meaning and purpose is correlated with living longer, healthier lives. This can happen in the context of a faith-based practice, through our relationships with others, or by spending time in nature. It is important to note that it does not have to be through an organized religion and these practices may not be readily accessible to everyone, depending on a person’s life experiences.

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